Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Charmed Glass of Water - Epilogue

During my 12 odd years with kidney disease, I have tried a number of alternate therapies. There is a pattern I have recognized by now.

Some genuine well-wisher would come to know about the treatment. They would have heard about it from someone who claimed to know someone who benefited. They would call or send a message that I 'have to try this'. We would all get excited. We would go and meet the person who gave the medicines - the nature of this person varied from a practitioner of the methodology to a businessman to a complete quack.

They would give us the medicines. Give us a chart of the diet restrictions. And give us false hopes that I would be cured in a certain amount of time. Many of them did not charge any money for their medicines. That gave the whole thing an aura of respectability.

"If they are not doing this for money, it has to be genuine."

As I keep stressing in many of my posts, there is an undeniable, much stronger mental impact in a chronic disease like this. These alternate therapies literally rape your mind repeatedly. There is so much hope to start with. You subject yourself to severe diet restrictions in addition to the restrictions imposed by the regular doctors. You bear everything. To what end? Nothing comes out of it. Within a few weeks or months, you start losing hope and eventually give up. Only to pick up another thread a little later.

One major problem I have with these people is that many of them have no basis behind their assurances. It's like they all want to try their therapies on me. If it works, great. If not, no harm done. My family and I gave a lot of respect to these practitioners. More than the conventional allopathic doctors.

I have yet to see for myself anyone being cured of kidney disease by any alternate therapy.

Its not as if I believe that there is no substance in alternate therapies. But it is extremely difficult to find the right practitioners. I wonder why this whole industry is unregulated. There are no standards, no formal books or established procedures. Yet thousands of gullible sufferers including me go to these people again and again in the hope that their conditions will be cured.

We are all looking for light at the end of the tunnel, not realizing that this tunnel is not so short.


Madras Hash said...

Why do people Forward Emails? Emails that will get large corporates to donate large amounts to poor people if only they continue the chain. Emails that will tell you that you need to spend this August staring at Mars since it will be as large as the moon in the sky as it will pass so close to earth. Emails that give you tips that will possibly save you in case of a medical emergency.

A Google on the topic or a lookup at Snopes will tell you that the content of these mails is a hoax. Yet nice people pass on these emails in good faith.

There are times when blind faith is a great comfort. There are times when one needs to be a skeptic and examine the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Yaar Kamal, paani ko chod, politics ko pakad. Need more politics-based posts buddy.


murtx said...

this is quite a brilliant post. in my experience as well, there is no actual cure in alternative medecines for kidney faliure. the best i have experienced is that they increase your strength levels in the "down times" we experience. those are best checked with experience, since most of them too increase ones creatinine levels.

Anonymous said...

During CKD phase, I read few books on alternate therapies, authentic ones and found that though there are remedies for kidney stones or kidney pain but none for kidney failure. I also checked Baba Ramdev's CD on kidney related diseases.Though he suggests something like drinking essence of pipal/neem bark but somehow I felt there was hopeless expression.I was dead clear that my disease is incurable though my parents did invoked few yajna and mantra chanting for my improvement. Yes there was bleak hope of some miracle to happen.but I think I had accepted it and refused to go through any alternate therapy.
Thanks for sharing your experiences.
It is difficult to explain one's experience but with your writing capabilities you have so clearly passed on them. All kudos to you :)

silentcroaker said...

Thank you for your Post! Over here, (U.S.), the pharmaceutical and insurance companies greatly influence the medical practitioners, and very little alternative, (homeopathic), medicine is available. The thought is,"There must be a better way to manage this condition." I will keep searching, and hoping.
Safe Journeys