Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Charmed Glass of Water - Part 2

My dad and I took a flight to Mumbai, the first time I was travelling out of Hyderabad after my kidney disease struck. In Mumbai, we lost no time in meeting Dr. Gupta, the to-be savior. He administered the water at his office. He was a regular businessman in one of the old buildings of Mumbai. Every morning, all his 'patients' would troop in, one by one, to drink this elixir of life.

Words have this habit of taking on new meanings ever so often! Water, in this dingy Mumbai building, offered hope to the many people for whom the torturous lifeline called dialysis had become a part of life.

I wondered about the diet restrictions that would be put on me. I have tried a lot of alternate therapies in my long innings on kidney disease. The amazing thing is that each therapy has its own unique set of diet restrictions. How can the diet recommended by different systems vary so much while treating the same disease? The last therapy I tried had a really shocking diet to be followed. They made it really simple. Basically just rice and buttermilk. Three times a day. The same food. Rice and buttermilk. Over and over again. I gave up in three days flat!

We talked to the folks outside waiting for their turn to drink the water. Each one knew someone who had benefited. Many of them claimed they themselves had benefited too. Some said their frequency of dialysis had reduced from thrice a week to twice a week. We were impressed.

We waited patiently outside the doctor's office for our turn. The queue was not too long. Each person did not take a whole lot of time either. I guess there was nothing much to do inside. How much time does it take to drink a glass of water?!

I remember seeing a whole lot of Reader's Digest related stuff. Though we called him doctor, Dr. Gupta wasn't a medical doctor. I am not sure if he is a Ph. D. though.

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