Friday, May 15, 2009

The Charmed Glass of Water - Part 3

The meeting with the doctor was unremarkable. A quick glance at the reports I had brought. I do not think they really mattered. It was not as if the quantity of the water or the type of mantra would vary based on the reports! There was one treatment. Period.

I looked on with the utmost respect and faith as the rotund doctor poured out a glass of water, brought it close to his mouth, chanted something inaudibly into it and handed it to me. I drank the glass of water.

We were given a photocopied diet restrictions chart and a recommended meal plan. Pulses were to be avoided like the plague. Most of the rest was similar to the regular kidney disease diet.

We left the place, full of hope. Hope that the four month journey that I had set out on would be the end of all my problems.

Next, we met Dr. B. V. Gandhi, a nephrologist at Jaslok Hospital. Dialysis had to be continued until the water showed its effect. We were quite upfront about why we were there. The doctor knew about Dr, Gupta and his water therapy. He did not proffer a comment on its efficacy neither did we ask him about it. He put me on twice a week dialysis, five hours each time.

The routine was set. Every morning, after getting ready, I would be driven to Dr. Gupta's office. The doctor would pour out a glass of water, chant his mantra over it quietly and I would gulp the water down. On Sundays, we would go to his house.

Dialysis would be twice a week. Each time, five hours of pure, unadulterated torture. I could hardly wait for the miracle-inducing water to start acting!

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