Monday, May 18, 2009

The Charmed Glass of Water - Part 5

Malay, my little cousin, and I used the term 'golmaal' for cheating on fluids! He would see me sometimes drinking water from a source other than the bottle I was allowed to drink from. He would warn me about this reminding me that I would suffer by doing this. He was really upset because of this incident.

Next morning, he told me, "No more golmaal from now!" "Sure", I replied. I stuck by that. I have never had a similar incident after that.

Around early March, my hopes about the water curing me had vanished. My argument was if I was supposed to be cured within four months, there should be some improvement in 2 months. And there was absolutely no improvement until now. My family thought I was being impatient and should wait for some more time. They said the only other way out then was a transplant and a transplant had a lot of other complications associated with it.

I argued that I had had enough and was tired of this. One other factor that influenced my decision was that I was feeling wasted. I wanted to do some productive work. Keep busy. In Mumbai, I was idle the whole day. This was not even related to my Mumbai stay. I was generally disgusted for not doing anything for more than six months then.

I had another aunt, from my mother's side who stayed in Mumbai too. She was a writer and did an article on me for the 'Health and Nutrition' magazine. She agreed with my reasoning.

Eventually, we all gave up on the miracle cure.

I was on my way home.

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Murali said...

Hi Kamal,
Your storey was really inspiring. My Mother (64) has been diagnosed as kidney deseased and she is currently on dialysis for once in a week. I would recommend to my mother to visit one of your dialysis centers.