Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NephroPlus launching second center

NephroPlus launches its second center tomorrow. This is a big step. So far, we had one center. All efforts were focussed on that center. Suddenly, now things become more complicated. Managing operations in two centers will bring more challenges. Catering to patients in multiple centers, making sure their every need is fulfilled, making sure the best possible care is given to them. 

The founders of a company are usually very passionate about what they are doing. The challenge is to make sure the same passion percolates down to everyone else in the company. The top management is rarely the face of the company for its customers. So, it is important for the management to make sure every single individual in the company works with the same motivation and zeal and has the same amount of passion for the job as them. This will be the main challenge for us at NephroPlus as we expand to truly become a 'chain' of dialysis centers. 

Tomorrow, the 30th of December at 10 a.m. Please do come and grace the occasion. We would be more than happy to have you!


Kartik said...

All the best to all of you at Nephroplus!

Prabha said...

I am confident that you will translate the passion of your leaders into exceptional patient care through the right culture, structure, people and processes! All the best to you and the NephroPlus team.

Kamal D Shah said...

Thanks Kartik and Prabha!

Anonymous said...

NephroPlus Dialysis Centers is doing a wonderful job in taking utmost care of their guests(patients). My wife gets dialysis there and the staff there are totally on top of their health. Good going NephroPlus Dialysis Centers.