Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr. Ashwin Aiyangar, Nephrologist is in Blogosphere!

A nephrologist I hold in really high esteem, Dr. Ashwin K. Aiyangar now has a blog. Its called Kidney Pulse.

From the blog: "This blog is an attempt to try to help those millions who may be patients suffering from the disease, their relatives, friends and well wishers, or just someone who wishes to know about the kidney and wants to contribute .... perhaps aiming to make this so-called dreadful disease not-so-dreadful anymore."

An excellent start I must say!

Welcome Dr. Ashwin!


Dr. Ashwin Aiyangar said...

Hey, thanks kamal. That was a lovely welcome

Anonymous said...

U know me .. Bt I don't think u remember me! Jus wanted u to know dat Iam in love wit u Doctor!