Friday, September 21, 2012

No stranger bond - 12

(This is the last part of a short story No stranger bond. You can find the full story here.)

The next morning when Sharada awoke, she found the nurse smiling excitedly. She pointed to the urine bag. It was half full! Sharada had started passing urine! The nurse said that she had passed about 450 ml of urine since last night. Sharada couldn't believe her eyes! She burst out crying. The nurse patted her head and said that she had won the battle!

There was jubilation all round. Dr. Bhalla rushed to the KTU as soon as he came to the hospital. He immediately called Bala and Masih and told them the good news. Everyone rushed to the hospital.

Shuja was also informed and he thanked the almighty for setting things right. He felt very relieved that things were falling in place, finally!

The kidney function picked up very well. Within a week she was totally normal. Both Shuja and Sharada were moved to special rooms where they could be with their family. They would have to eat healthy food. They were encouraged to drink a lot of water, a departure from the severe fluid restriction they were put on before the transplant.

Shuja was discharged from the hospital with instructions to come back to see Dr. Bhalla every other day to begin with. Sharada was kept for one more week and closely monitored to look for any abnormal signs. Thankfully, there were none. She was also discharged and asked to come back every other day.


It was the second anniversary of the transplant. Shuja, Masih, his wife Miriam and their kid Junaid had come over to celebrate the occasion at the Subramanyam's residence. Bala and Madhu also had a kid by then called Prathima.

Sharada was wearing the sari Shuja had gifted her before their transplants. She had made the payasam, the sweet that broke the ice and made this swap transplant possible.

Miriam had also made some Vegetable Biryani. Of course, this biryani had regular vegetables and the leaching was not required! Sharada also made some idlis with coconut chutney though idlis were traditionally a breakfast dish. She wanted to commemorate the fact that she could now happily eat something she had missed for so long.

Sharada told the two families present about the dream she had the day before her kidney started functioning. "Believe it or not, I know my husband had something to do with this."

No one was quite sure on how to react to this. They moved on to something else. They started recounting the fights Sharada and Shuja used to have in the dialysis unit. There was no rancor, of course. Laughter filled the house as Shuja and Sharada sparred, in a mock-serious tone as to whose fault the fights really were!

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