Sunday, September 9, 2012

Starting tomorrow - "No stranger bond" - my second short story

"One thing Sharada Subramanyam hated though was that she couldn't eat the coconut chutney that she made to go with the idlis. She had to make do with sambar and that too with such less salt that it took away half the pleasure of eating the idli. The excess potassium in the chutney could actually kill Sharada. Despite this, Sharada would make the coconut chutney for Bala and Madhu and they relished it totally. Idli mornings were happy mornings in the Subramanyam household!"

"Shuja Mohammad had overcome the initial frustration associated with being diagnosed with kidney disease. He was slowly settling into the dialysis routine and diet and fluid restrictions. He had also come to terms with the fact that he would be dialysis dependent for his entire life. He would spend a lot of time reading the Holy Quran and in prayer."

Sharada Subramanyam and Shuja Mohammad got dialysis at adjacent beds at Delhi's Gangabai Memorial Hospital. "No stranger bond" is the story of these two amazing individuals who find their lives unintentionally intertwined in the strangest way.

This is my second attempt at fiction. I was really happy with the response to the first story - "In you we trust".

I have added a section to the right of the blog where you can find the whole story in a single page rather than having to click on multiple links to go to the successive parts.

As always, I would appreciate your comments - good or bad!

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