Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting tomorrow - The blue pill - my third short story!

"For the last four years, Dr. Achinta Roy had painstakingly worked on this device which he believed would change the way people thought about dialysis. Currently, patients got treatments mostly in hospitals in machines that were the size of a washing machine. There were a couple of newer machines that were the size of a desktop printer. However, Dr. Roy's goal was to make it much, much smaller. That would be truly portable! Another of Dr. Roy's goals was to make it accessible in countries like India where medical technology reaches often many years after reaching countries like the US."

Follow Dr. Roy's intriguing journey from a lab in Kolkata to a gigantic corporation in the US in a sincere attempt to change the lives of dialysis patients. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be publishing one part each day of my third fictional short story.

This story is very different from the first two which were patient-focussed. This one looks at the dialysis industry from right inside it. The lead character has been inspired by a real-life person!

I would really appreciate feedback - both positive and negative!

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