Saturday, January 19, 2013

The blue pill - 13

(This is the thirteenth part of the short story The Blue Pill. You can find the entire story here.)

The next morning Dr. Roy and his wife were on the way to Los Angeles with Nambiar. They did not want to go back to their homes. It would be too risky. There was no way they were going to underestimate what Babylon would do. They reached the city around noon and checked into a hotel. Nambiar and Dr. Roy discussed their options. 

Dr. Roy wondered why they could not hold a press conference and expose Babylon? Nambiar explained to him that Babylon spent large sums of money to keep the press on their side. They had a whole department that worked on this. That is why, despite many occasions where the press could have had them on the mat, they managed to wriggle out with ease. What could potentially have been damning incidents were reduced to mere raps on the knuckles. Babylon (and many other similar corporations) had the press completely under control.

There seemed to be only one option at the moment. Return to India. They racked their brains to see if there was any way they could continue staying there. It was too risky. It was them against the might of Babylon Corporation. The company wielded so much power in the USA that it was unthinkable for two individuals to put up any semblance of a fight. They controlled government, they controlled the media, there was nothing that could be done.

They agreed that they needed to get on a flight to India as soon as possible. Torrance and his team had surely already heard about the failed attempt and would now be planning their next move. Nambiar looked up the internet and checked flight timings. He found one that left close to midnight for New Delhi. He booked them on the flight. They decided to abandon their home and everything that was in it. It was too risky to go back there.

They ordered food to their rooms as well. They did not want to take any chances. Every knock on the door found them panicking. They would carefully open the door just a little, check who it was and then open it fully. Those next few hours were terribly nerve-wracking.

Thankfully nothing untoward happened. They left for the airport in a cab. Dr. Roy had tears in his eyes. He had landed in this city with a dream. He was leaving it with the dream still unfulfilled. They reached the airport and checked-in their baggage. They kept looking around to see if there was any sign of suspicious activity. Once they were inside the airport, ordinarily, they should have been safe. However, they were in such a precarious position, they couldn’t be sure of anything at all.

The flight finally took off. Dr. Roy and Nambiar finally felt safe. Now, no one could touch them!

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