Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The blue pill - 3

(This is the third part of the short story The Blue Pill. You can find the entire story here.)

Satish Raju and Kanwal Nambiar were back in about a week. As usual, Raju did most of the talking.

"As we see it, Dr. Roy, there are two options we are considering at a very high level."


"One is Babylon buys the entire technology and the IP for this device from you and gives you a certain sum of money for it and you lose all rights. We then complete all the remaining work on it and take it to market."

"The second option is you join Babylon. We give you some stock in the company in return for the technology you are bringing in. You lead the team that works on the device and we take it to market together."

"Of course, a lot of finer aspects of the two options would need to be worked out. But at a very high level, this is what we're thinking. Do you have any other options in mind?"

"No, actually."

"Well, so among these two, is there something you would like to rule out entirely?"

"No, not really. It all depends on the specific numbers."

"How right you are, Dr. Roy! So, then please give us some time and we will get back to you with the numbers. In the meantime, can you share with us the current status of the device?"

"Yes, of course. You must have seen pictures of the device in the media. We have further reduced the weight by about 10%. We have also demonstrated the clearance of middle molecules. The device also is now capable of removing up to 10 ml of water per minute. We have tried the machine on patients for up to 9 hours as well without any significant problems."

"Impressive, Dr. Roy!"

"Yes, the device has surpassed all our expectations!"

"Can I have a look at it?"

"Sure! Come right in."

Dr. Roy led the two executives into his lab and took them straight to the device.

"Here it is!"

"Hmmmm.... interesting....."

"Quite a remarkable piece of work, Dr. Roy", said Nambiar. It was the first sentence he had said that day.

"Great then, let us get back to you with the detailed proposals."

"Sure. Good day, gentlemen!"

Dr. Roy called his wife as soon as they left and let her know what had transpired. She immediately called their friend, Gopal Dass who was an accountant at a software development firm. They agreed to wait until the numbers came back. In the meantime, Gopal Dass did some reading up on the internet on how such contracts worked. Dass also talked to his boss who was an MBA and got some more information.

There was one piece of advice his boss gave him, "The contract is very critical. It all boils down to the terms in the contract. Make sure you read every word, understand it and then read it again. It all depends on the words in the contract. This doctor friend of yours, he would understand the legal terms, wouldn't he?"

"Yes, of course he would", Dass lied.

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