Monday, January 7, 2013

The blue pill

(This short story is entirely a work of fiction.)


The two executives stepped aside from the hustle-bustle of the conference. They got into a room that was booked in the hotel for this meeting. No one noticed them.

"Quite a good turnout!"

"Let's get to the point. Did you do anything yet?"

"Well, no. He's in India, for God's sake!"

"So what? This is more serious than you think. You must get to him before anyone else does. And if you can't, let us know. We will."

"Take it easy baby! I will take care of this myself."

"You better. Prove it to me that only your CEO is a cunt. Not the whole goddamn company!"

"Ha ha ha ha.... I will!"

The two executives made their way back into the exhibition area of the conference to their respective stalls.


It was unusually hot. Dr. Achinta Roy parked his car and hurriedly made his way into the lab. It was much cooler inside. Dr. Roy believed that the air-conditioner was mankind's most comforting innovation! With one master-stroke, man had overcome any problems nature could bring on - with heat or cold that is! Until of course what he was working on would be ready.

Dr. Roy went straightaway to the lab. Today's experiment was particularly important. If he could demonstrate that the clearance of middle molecules was good enough, it would be a huge win. His team was getting ready. They had the volunteer patient ready. The device was kept on a table beside the patient. Dr. Roy carefully connected the device to the patient and as he switched on the final button that started dialysis, he said to the device, "Come on baby, give me what I want!"

For the last four years, Dr. Roy had painstakingly worked on this device which he believed would change the way people thought about dialysis. Currently, patients got treatments mostly in hospitals in machines that were the size of a washing machine. There were a couple of newer machines that were the size of a desktop printer. However, Dr. Roy's goal was to make it much, much smaller. That would be truly portable! Another of Dr. Roy's goals was to make it accessible in countries like India where medical technology reaches often many years after reaching countries like the US.

There were other teams around the world working on similar devices. Dr. Roy believed there was room for everyone. The number of dialysis patients that could benefit from this kind of device was in millions. No one team could possibly reach all of them. He strongly believed that healthy competition among these researchers was great for patients as the different teams would be spurred to make their respective devices even better and cheaper!

It was about seven hours since Dr. Roy connected the patient. He went in and disconnected the patient and sent off his blood samples to testing.

When the sample came back, Dr. Roy was elated. The experiment was successful. The clearance was as expected. Their device did well at clearing middle molecules as well!

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