Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Love takes courage - Part 13

(This is the thirteenth part of a short story - Love takes courage

"Can I donate a kidney to a patient?", asked Kunal the next morning to Dr. Mehta.

"You want to donate your kidney to a patient?"

"Yes, Doctor. What would the procedure be?"

"Who do you want to donate to? And why?"

"I want to donate to Rohan Karmarkar. He is suffering a lot. He has a very good life ahead of him. He was about to get married. I think he deserves a transplant."

"That is all correct Kunal. But we have already registered him for a cadaveric transplant."

"That may take many years Dr. Mehta, based on his blood group. I have the same blood group."

"Hmmmm. Have they offered you any money to donate?"

"Doctor, what are you saying? No doctor, not at all!"

"Hmmmm. Really sorry for asking Kunal but in my many years of experience, I have never seen a technician wanting to donate to a patient! That is why I asked. I am sorry about that!"

"No problem Doctor. The thing is he has a full life ahead of him. I think it is very sad that he has to suffer so much."

"I totally understand Kunal. Have you discussed with your family?"

"Not yet Doctor. I am talking first with you."

"Will your family be ok with this?"

"I will convince them. Don't worry about that Doctor. Please let me know what the procedure is for this."

"Yes, sure. Does Rohan and his family know about this?"

"No Doctor. I was hoping you would tell them."

"Kunal, all this seems too strange. Are you really sure you want to do this?"

"Yes Doctor. I really want to do this!"

"Do one thing. Let us keep this lying for a few days. Let us meet again after I return from the Aurangabad conference. Let us plan after that. Remember, if you change your mind, it is totally ok. Ok?"

"Sure Doctor. I am sure I will not change my mind."

Dr. Mehta was leaving for Aurangabad for a Nephrology conference that evening. He saw Rohan in the dialysis unit on his way out. He was doing fairly well. Dr. Mehta agreed with Kunal that Rohan really deserved a transplant. He was in the prime of youth and would really do well with a transplant.

On his way to the airport, he thought about this whole new development on Kunal wanting to donate to Rohan. He was still at a loss.

Why would Kunal want to donate? Surely, it is not merely altruism at work here! I know technicians only too well. Could the Karmarkars have struck a deal with him? But why him? There are dozens of touts that are roaming the market ever willing to find donors for patients. It is very easy to get a kidney these days! Why Kunal? Why would Kunal want to donate a kidney?

Dr. Mehta could not get over this. He kept coming back to this on and off during the conference as well.

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