Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love takes courage - Part 14

(This is the fourteenth part of a short story - Love takes courage

Dr. Mehta was back from Aurangabad in three days. That afternoon, Kunal came to him.

"I want to donate Dr. Mehta. Please make this happen. I badly want to donate my kidney. I want to see Rohan lead a normal life!"

Dr. Mehta sensed a tone of desperation.

"Did you think about it seriously?"

"Yes, Dr. Mehta. The more I think about it, the more I feel I should donate. You keep saying, right Doctor, that God has given all of us two kidneys even though we can easily survive with one and that is why every human being should consider donating a kidney to someone in need! You always say that there is a solution to the shortage of kidneys today! I want to donate Doctor. I really want to donate."

"Ok, ok. We will plan. First let me talk to Rohan's family. They should be willing to take a kidney from you."

"Sure. Thank you so much Doctor."


The next day Mr. Karmarkar came to meet Dr. Mehta at Dr. Mehta's request.

"Mr. Karmarkar, Kunal came to me a few days back and said that he wants to donate a kidney to Rohan!"


"Yes, Kunal wants to donate a kidney to Rohan. I wanted to check with you. I am very sorry for asking you this but have you or your son, by any chance, you know...."

"No Dr. Mehta. Not at all. Absolutely not. We would never do such a thing!"

Dr. Mehta could make out that Mr. Karmarkar was not lying. "Can you confirm with Rohan and your family as well? I mean, I know this is awkward but please understand that offering money is illegal and I really don't want to get involved in anything of that sort."

"Dr. Mehta, I assure you. No one in my family including Rohan would do such a thing without checking with me!"

"But still, Mr. Karmarkar. Please check with them. We may be onto something here. I have seen desperate times call for desperate measures!"

"Sure, Doctor. I will check."


That same evening Mr. Karmarkar called Dr. Mehta and assured him that none of his family members including Rohan had offered any money to Kunal for a kidney.

As soon as Rohan got to know about Kunal's intent, he called him on his cell and said, "Kunal, Hi, This is Rohan. My dad just told me. Why do you want to do this Kunal? I mean, I am so thankful to you for even thinking of this. But why, Kunal?"

Kunal did not know what to say. "I am busy in a case Rohan ji, I will call you back."

Rohan immediately called Pooja and said, "You know what? You're not going to believe this. Kunal wants to donate his kidney to me!"

"What? Really? Hmmmm"

"Come home quickly na, we need to talk about this!"

"Yeah sure."

Rohan waited for Kunal to call back as promised but Kunal did not call back. 

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