Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love takes courage - Part 16

(This is the sixteenth part of a short story - Love takes courage

Mr. Karmarkar called Bhatavdekar the next morning and explained to him what they wanted.

"You see, my son is on dialysis. Now, the dialysis technician of the hospital where he goes for dialysis wants to donate a kidney to him. So, we wanted you to help us with the paperwork. Nothing is being paid to him for the kidney."

"Yes of course. Nothing is ever paid for the kidney!" He chuckled.

"No you see, this time really nothing is being paid!"

"Yes, yes, I understand. Good good. Nothing is being paid. Very good!" He chuckled again.

Mr. Karmarkar gave up.

Bhatavdekar asked Mr. Karmarkar to collect a whole lot of details and write it on a piece of paper and keep it ready in a day. Bhatavdekar would come and collect all the information the next day at 10 a.m.

The next day when Bhatavdekar came to their house, Mr. Karmarkar was quite embarrassed to see the guy. He looked disheveled. For once, the face matched the voice and style on the phone. Mr. Karmarkar gave him the paper with the details he needed. Surprisingly, very few details of Kunal were needed. Bhatavdekar told Mr. Karmarkar that he would charge one lakh rupees for the paperwork. Mr. Karmarkar was taken aback but he did not want to take any chances and agreed immediately. He wanted an assurance that the paperwork would all be perfect which Bhatavdekar readily offered.

Mr. Karmarkar did not value an assurance from this thug-like fellow but he had no choice. He was told that the paperwork would all be ready in ten days.

Rohan was going for dialysis as usual. He strictly managed his fluid and diet. There was an extra bounce in his step these days. There was light at the end of the tunnel after all. Pooja and he spent many hours together. Mr. Karmarkar kept Dr. Mehta updated on the progress of the paperwork with Bhatavdekar.

One evening Rohan invited Kunal over for dinner at their home. Kunal refused saying that he did not want to jeopardize the process at this point. If anyone suspected that the Karmarkars were enticing Kunal with any kind of allurements, there could be problems. Rohan understood.

Rohan still couldn't fathom why Kunal was doing this. He asked him again and again. Kunal would just shrug his shoulders and change the topic. Rohan discussed with his family about this as well. No one had any answers.

Rohan brought this topic up with Pooja as well. Pooja would always get a little irritated whenever this topic was brought up. It was as if there was something about Kunal donating his kidney to Rohan, completely altruistically, that she was uncomfortable about. Obviously, she was very happy that Rohan would lead a normal life again. The way it was happening however was something Pooja wasn't totally happy about. She kept visualizing the scene she saw when she entered the dialysis unit when Rohan was breathless and rushed for emergency dialysis with Kunal holding Rohan's hand. What was it with Kunal? Why is he doing this?

She had no clear answers however.


Mr. Karmarkar got a call from Bhatavdekar on the ninth day itself.

"Papers are ready saheb", the voice said on the other side of the phone.

Bhatavdekar was to bring them and come that afternoon. Mr. Karmarkar kept the cash ready.

Mr. Karmarkar waited anxiously for him. When he came, he handed over a file that had a bunch of papers. Mr. Karmarkar handed over the cash to him and led him to the door.

When he got back, Mr. Karmarkar examined the papers in great detail. He was shocked when he realized what was being done.

The papers established that Kunal was a distant relative of the Karmarkars. They showed him as being the son of Mrs. Karmarkar's cousin sister who stayed at a village called Thul, about 1100 kilometers from Mumbai. It had ration cards, photographs, electricity bills - all fake!

Mr. Karmarkar was worried that he had agreed to be a part of such a web of deceit. Mr. Karmarkar had a sleepless night. What if we are caught? What if the police comes to know? Until now, we have not done anything illegal. This is totally illegal. We are not even paying money to Kunal. Why should we indulge in all this? Let us not lie. If God wants Rohan to get the transplant, he will get it. But I will not risk my entire family's life and my life for this.


poulami said...

Amazing story Kamal, thanks for sharing the story. Is it really that hard to get a transplant in India now? It seems like, it a huge job to convince everybody even if somebody is willing to donate? I am curious because, I guess, we will have to go through similar situation when time comes.

Kamal Shah said...

Poulami, if you have a blood relative who is willing to donate, it is much easier. For cadaveric and live unrelated, it is much more difficult. Live unrelated is illegal in many places.