Monday, May 20, 2013

Love takes courage - Part 18

(This is the concluding part of a short story - Love takes courage

After three days, Mr. Karmarkar got a call at around 10 in the morning from Dr. Mehta.

"We are through, Mr. Karmarkar! The committee has approved the transplant!" Dr. Mehta was almost shouting on the phone with joy! "This is unprecedented in the state of Maharashtra! For the first time this is happening! I have Kunal with me here. He is also very happy!"

Mr. Karmarkar couldn't believe his ears. He immediately went up to Rohan and gave him the good news. Rohan was ecstatic. He called Pooja and told her. There were celebrations all around.

The date for the transplant was fixed. Kunal and Rohan were admitted in separate rooms. They were both wheeled into the Operation Theater on the morning of the transplant. Dr. Mehta had his best team on the surgeries. While the Chief Urologist of the hospital was operating on Rohan, the second in command was working on Kunal. Deftly, Kunal's kidney was removed and placed in Rohan's abdomen. There was instant functioning of the grafted kidney.

Outside, the Karmarkars, Pooja and Pooja's family sat patiently, a little tense waiting for some news of the progress. On a bench not too far away was an elderly couple wearing simple clothes. They were both less tense. They were smiling and talking softly. They were Kunal's parents. Kunal had gone to his village a few days before the transplant and told his parents about his plan. Both were initially reluctant but when Kunal finally convinced them that it was a command from Dutta, the famous deity of Javkhede, their village and he really wanted to do this, they agreed.

On this day, they felt extremely proud of what their son was doing and were extremely confident that Dutta would make sure everything went well.

About seven hours after they began, the surgery was concluded. Dr. Mehta came and informed them that everything was fine and both Rohan and Kunal were doing well. There was jubilation all around! Kunal's parents thanked Dutta for keeping both Kunal and Rohan safe.

Mr. Karmarkar went over to Kunal's father and with folded hands thanked him for what his son had done. "Me and my family will be indebted to you for life. I don't know what good deeds we have done in our past life that we got to know you and your great son. It is proof that goodness is still there in the world today!"

Kunals father replied, "What are you and me, Karmarkar saab? It is all His bidding. We have to simply follow His orders. I have one small wish - the two families must pray jointly at the temple of Dutta at our village Javkhede. It will ensure long lives for both our sons!"

"Definitely saab! We will definitely do this."



About a year after the transplant, as promised, the Karmarkars including Rohan, and Pooja drove down to Javkhede to visit the temple of the deity Dutta. There was one more reason. Rohan and Pooja were getting married in about a month. They also wanted to invite Kunal and his family. Kunal had gone to Javkhede the previous day itself. He had no clue about the impending wedding.

After completing the visit to the temple where they all prayed for the long life of both Rohan and Kunal, they gathered at Kunal's house for a meal. After the meal, Mr. Karmarkar took out the invitation card and gave it to Kunal's father and told him, "Thanks to your son and his selfless sacrifice, my son is going to be able to get married. We would be honored by your family's presence!"

"The honor will be ours", said Kunal's father and accepted the card.

Rohan and Pooja, a little distance away handed over another card to Kunal. "Kunal", Rohan said, "you have given me a new life. It is only because of you I am leading a normal life today. I am getting married to Pooja next month. I want you to please be a special guest of mine, stay in my house along with my other relatives and be a part of my wedding!"

Kunal responded, "Rohan, you know why I did what I did. It was not for you. It was for myself. Yes, sure, I will come for the wedding. Thanks so much for the invitation!"

The Karmarkars left Javkhede.

A week before the wedding, Rohan called Kunal on his cell phone to check when he was coming. It was switched off. He called the hospital. He was surprised to hear that Kunal had resigned from his job the day he got back from Javkhede. They said he had landed a job in Singapore in a dialysis center and was to leave very soon. Rohan was shocked to hear all this. He did not have the telephone number of his parents in Javkhede. Rohan felt helpless. He hoped Kunal would show up soon.

The days went past quickly. Rohan got completely sucked into the wedding preparations. He also had to look after his health - his medication, his diet. His mind kept going back to Kunal and why he would not have even informed him about his plans.

He talked to Pooja about this. Pooja did not seem confused at all. She seemed to understand.

The wedding day came. Rohan kept looking out for Kunal. He badly wished that Kunal, because of whom this wedding was possible would be a part of it. But Kunal never came.


bond said...

Awesome so far!!! :) wanted to read this story from long time but was held up with something or the other, finally read all the parts today (dat too in Office :P), eagerly waiting for the next one.

Thank you Kamal. :)


Kamal Shah said...

Thanks so much Abrar! But the story is over!