Saturday, May 4, 2013

Love takes courage - Part 2

(This is the second part of a short story - Love takes courage)

A week passed by quickly. Rohan and Pooja talked a few times in the night. Both were completely busy with their work. It was Friday night again. Rohan was to pick Pooja up in the evening as usual. Pooja got ready and was watching television.

She was thinking about her relationship with Rohan. She thought about the first time she met him at Rohit and Neha's party. She was totally floored by his drop dead good looks. She couldn't take her eyes off him that night. When she was introduced to him, she found herself fumbling. Very few guys could do that to her! They spent some time together that evening and she found him to be an intelligent and mature guy with a terrific sense of humor.

They kept meeting a few times at Rohit and Neha's house and then one day, Pooja gathered the courage and asked Rohan out for a coffee. Rohan instantly agreed. Rohan later confessed to her that he was planning to do something similar very soon! From then on, everything went smoothly. They fell totally in love with each other. Rohan proposed to Pooja with a diamond ring about eight months after they had first met and Pooja immediately agreed. Both parents met each other and they decided to have the marriage in a few months time.

Pooja did not realize that it was already 7:30. Rohan was never this late. She called his cell phone. There was no answer. "Maybe he's driving", she thought and waited for some more time.

After another half an hour, she called again. No response again. "This is weird!"

She then called Rohan's landline. Again, no response. She was surprised. "What is happening?" she wondered.

She called Rohan's mom's cell phone. No response. She began to grow worried.

Within a minute, Rohan's mom called back. Pooja answered the phone in one ring itself. "Mom, where is Rohan?"

"Pooja, we're all at Breach Candy Hospital. Rohan is not well."

"What? What happened to him?" Pooja started panicking.

"Don't worry. Nothing serious. They're doing some tests."

"Tests for what, mom?"

"Listen, don't panic. I think it would be better for you to come down here. Not that anything is serious but you would be more comfortable. Do you have anyone or should I send the car?"

"No, no, I will come mom. I have a car."

"Ok beta, please drive slowly. There is nothing to worry. It is something very minor, ok? Drive slowly please!"

Pooja's heart was beating very fast. What could have happened?

She drove down to Breach Candy Hospital, parked and then called Rohan's mom to check on where she should come. 

When she met Rohan's parents and his sister, they all seemed to be calm and composed. They smiled and greeted Pooja and hugged her. Rohan's father explained to her. 

"As Rohan was getting ready this evening to come to you, he suddenly just collapsed! Luckily, Bittu was around and saw him and shouted out to us. We were all at home, thank God. We sprinkled some water on his face and he came to. He was telling us he had a severe headache. We rushed him here. The doctors are monitoring him. They say his Blood Pressure is very high! They are now doing some other tests to figure out the problem."

"Why is his Blood Pressure high? He never had high Blood Pressure! Do you know anything about this?" his mom asked Pooja.

"No! He never mentioned anything and he never had any symptoms."

"Anyway, don't worry, I am sure it is something that can be taken care of. Let us not panic", said his father.

"Can I see him?" Pooja asked.

Rohan's sister led him to the casualty ward where Rohan was being monitored. He was sleeping. Pooja went up to him and a sense of calm descended on her after seeing his angelic face. He was looking so amazing. She couldn't help stare at his face continuously. The milk-like color of his skin, a tuft of smooth, black hair caressing his forehead all made for a very vulnerable picture of calm. She said a prayer. They were asked to wait outside.

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