Sunday, May 5, 2013

Love takes courage - Part 3

(This is the third part of a short story - Love takes courage)

It was about 11 in the night. The duty doctor came out and walked up to Rohan's father. He said that they would like to keep him here for some more time to monitor him carefully. Once all the test results came, they could take a decision on the plan.

"Sure, Doctor!"

Rohan's dad, Atul Karmarkar, had already called a close friend and a very senior orthopedic surgeon at Breach Candy, Dr. Vasant Desai and informed him about Rohan. Dr. Desai had called the casualty and got an update. He also made sure that the doctors who were monitoring Rohan were very good.

They went to the hospital canteen in groups and quickly had a bite each and came back to the waiting area near the casualty ward. In the meantime, some of the Karmarkars' close relatives also reached the hospital. It was decided that two cousins of Rohan would stay at the hospital and the rest of them would go back home to get some rest. Atul Karmarkar talked to the duty doctor and made sure that Rohan was stable and they would not need him in the night.

The next morning the Karmarkars and Pooja were all back by about seven o' clock. Rohan was sleeping. He was given a mild sedative. At around 9:30, a senior doctor at the hospital, a General Physician, Dr. Pitambar Moolay arrived at the casualty and went straight to Rohan. He saw all the reports. He asked for Atul Karmarkar. Mr. Karmarkar went in an introduced himself.

Dr. Moolay took Rohan's file and walked into a room with Mr. Karmarkar.

They were closeted in the room for almost half an hour.

Mr. Karmarkar came out looking quite pale. He walked up to his family and said, "Rohan's kidney function is not normal. That is why his BP is so high."

There was silence. Everyone was too shocked to react.

"They are going to shift him to a room now but he will need to see a specialist. He will need to be here for some time until they understand fully what is happening."

The Karmarkars and Pooja were very well-educated, intelligent and mature people. Though they were absolutely shocked, they knew that they had to be very, very strong at this time. Pooja asked, "Does Rohan know?"

"No, they haven't told him yet. I will talk to him myself."


Rohan felt his bed shaking. He awoke with a start. He saw the lights of the ceiling going past him one by one. There were three people pushing the stretcher he was on. They went into an elevator.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"Special Room 43", one of the hospital staff replied.


"The Doctor will come and meet you and explain everything to you", the man said in Hindi.

Rohan was wheeled into Special Room 43. His parents, sister and Pooja were all already in the room. The hospital staff lifted him and placed him gently on the bed in the room. The room was nice and spacious. It was air-conditioned and had a television set at one end. It also had another smaller bed for a family member to sleep.

"What did the Dr. say, papa?" Rohan asked his father.

"There is nothing to worry, he said. They find something a little wrong with the kidney. Nothing that can't be treated with medication, thank God."

"Kidney?" Rohan was puzzled.

"Yeah but don't worry at all. The doctor said that they are still investigating and will let us know soon."

Rohan looked at Pooja. She smiled at him and nodded.

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