Monday, May 6, 2013

Love takes courage - Part 4

(This is the fourth part of a short story - Love takes courage)

That evening, the Chief Nephrologist of the hospital, Dr. Yogesh Mehta came to see Rohan. A bunch of junior doctors accompanied him. He was fairly short, almost completely bald and wore spectacles. He greeted Rohan and asked him how he was feeling. Rohan said he was feeling much better and ready to go home!

"Yes, of course. You will go home."

He reached out for his hand and felt the pulse.

"Let us just make sure you are totally fine."

He checked the Blood Pressure.

"Since you are already here, might as well make some money off you!" Everyone in the room laughed at the doctor's self-deprecating joke. If nothing, it made the atmosphere much lighter.

He then examined him thoroughly. He placed his stethoscope on different locations of Rohan's chest and with his hand felt his stomach.

"Tell me Rohan, have you felt anything unusual at all in the past few months?"

There was complete silence in the room.

"Not that I can think of Doctor."

He reached for Rohan's ankle and pressed it with a finger and then felt the ankle with the same finger.

"Any feeling of exhaustion? Loss of appetite? Urinating more than usual? Or even less than usual?"

"Nothing at all Doctor."

"Hmmmm.... that's all right. Don't worry. You will be fine!"

Dr. Mehta made some notes in Rohan's file and looked at Mr. Karmarkar and said, "Can you come and see me in my OP, Mr. Karmarkar?"

Rohan protested, "Doctor, please tell me what the problem is. I am grown up now and would like to know."

"Yes, of course. I will tell you. But first let me discuss my fee with your dad. I am fairly expensive, you know?"

There was laughter all around.


"Mr. Karmarkar, Rohan has a kidney problem."

Dr. Mehta pronounced this shocking verdict after examining all of Rohan's reports. Some of the tests were repeated to be absolutely certain. The diagnosis was very clear now.

"Rohan's kidneys are working about 30% of normal. He will need some form of treatment very soon."

Mr. Karmarkar's worst fears had come true. Last night, when he went home, he couldn't sleep one bit. He scoured the internet for information on this. The fifty four year old Chairman of Shweta Electronics, Maharashtra's leading manufacturer of electronics components was a worried man. He systematically wrote down the possible reasons for this and one of the possibilities was Kidney Disease. He had convinced himself that this was impossible however.

Yet, as he heard Dr. Mehta's voice explain the situation, he couldn't believe his ears. Rohan would need to get onto dialysis immediately.

Mr. Karmarkar could see his son's life changing dramatically in front of him. He felt completely helpless.

Dr. Mehta added, "In many cases, the kidney function does improve and this could be a temporary setback. We will treat him with medication and dialysis and hope for the best."

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