Modi's blog: why nothing much changes

So we're led to believe that Narendra Modi was 'shaken to the core' by the 2002 riots. This contrasts sharply with the widely held belief that Modi had sanctioned the police inaction in the aftermath of the Godhra incident. Modi is supposed to have asked the police to let the people vent their anger. Modi, apparently is denying this.

My right wing family and friends should actually be disappointed by this blog. If they believe him, that is. What they liked about Modi was that he did not mince words, that he spoke his mind on issues especially pertaining to minority appeasement and that he unabashedly represented the right wing in this country.

Whenever I discuss Modi with this group of friends and relatives, I always take deep umbrage to their support for how Modi allowed the 2002 riots to happen. My argument is that sure, you can support Modi because of his decisiveness, his strong persona, his no-nonsense attitude and his having the gumption to do what he thinks right as opposed to the current 'dead-duck setup' we have in the name of a government in New Delhi. But you cannot support what happened in Gujarat in 2002. Every man is a shade of grey rather than being fully black and white. So, while you could support Modi's governance model, you cannot say that what happened in Gujarat in 2002 is right!

Now, if one were to believe that what Modi has blogged about has genuinely come from the heart (and I honestly doubt this), even Modi does not support what happened then! Why then are his ardent fans supporting this? Or do they also concede, albeit in hushed tones, that Modi does not genuinely believe this. It is merely an attempt at becoming more acceptable to a larger section of the population? If this is the case, then that takes away a major plus from Modi - that of him always speaking his mind.

However, they are all so mesmerised by Modi that they will continue to support him, no matter what!

This brings me to those belonging to the left wing among my family and friends. They continue to hate Modi. This blog hasn't changed anything at all. Some argue that he hasn't apologised for 2002. That, I can guarantee wouldn't have helped either. It would have been construed as affected. I am sure no one believes a word of the anguish he claims to have felt during those times. Their hate for Modi is so complete that nothing, absolutely nothing is going to change that.

What is annoying about the non-BJP political class is the way they have arrogated to themselves, the position of being the voice of the minorities. Each of them speak on behalf of the 'desh ki janta' and claim that the people have not forgiven Modi for 2002. The truth, I am afraid, is not so clear cut. Most people have actually moved on. Though they did not like what happened in 2002, they realise that Modi might actually provide a better administration than the current regime. Blog or no blog.

The Congress and its heir-apparent are so thoroughly confused on what to do and how to react that they have now become a joke. The way Rahul Gandhi ducked a journalist's question on Modi's blog was humorous to say the least. All he does these days is to backtrack on the Congress' official stated position on various issues.

The choice before me in 2014 is not a very happy one. No clear cut answers. No clear cut winners. And this makes the possible outcome only more frightening.


Kartik said…
Since Dec 8th, 2013 this post(or topic in general) seems to be getting outdated very fast ;) - because there is a new group building up which includes people abandoning both the right wing, left wing, and all shades inbetweeen, and these people call themselves 'aam aadmi' - and knowing the coalition politics with minority governments is here to stay, I won't be surprised if by May 2014 people fully realize this election won't be about Modi versus Rahul :).
Now it's another thing though that at least at the moment, I feel the 'Aam Aadmi' is restricted to urban India. And my vote itself has a lot of ifs and buts attached to it.
Kamal D Shah said…
I think it is going to be a long way off before the AAP and its likes can really have a nationwide presence. One swallow does not a summer make!

Granted, they have done really well in Delhi and their new style of governance comes as a welcome relief. However, I think they are too small to take centre stage in the Lok Sabha election.

Maybe people like the Lok Satta and other smaller 'different' outfits must all come together under a national umbrella. Only then can we hope to see them making a noticeable difference.
Kartik said…
Lok Satta is a flop show - the man in charge isn't clean at all - he is just a wolf in sheep's clothes :) (No offence to wolves, just going by the saying)

I do agree AAP is far away from making an impact, but AAP was no where near the Delhi political scene one year back - so it will be a miracle, but miracles seem to be happening!
Kamal D Shah said…
Oh is it? I had no clue about that!

I agree that AAP was nowhere even in Delhi but still Delhi is after all one small state. To replicate this at the national level is going to be phenomenally difficult.

Which is why, I still feel the coming Lok Sabha election is still going to be a Modi versus Rahul thing and AAP will at best cause a small ripple.
KK said…
I am neither a Right Wing or Left Wing person. I follow my logic and common sense.

Just to quote from your blog:
"Modi is supposed to have asked the police to let the people vent their anger. Modi, apparently is denying this."

To put it more factually correct:
"Modi is accused by a section of activists to have asked the police to let the people vent their anger. The activists filed a case. An SIT formed under the direction of Hon Supreme Court of India announced that the accusations against Modi are false & baseless. The activists filed a review petition in a Higher Court which upheld the SIT report announcing Modi innocent."

For the crime committed by any politician the misdeed has to be punished either a) by the People (by voting him out of power), b) by the Courts (by holding him guilty and punishing him).

a) In Modi's case the People has voted him back to power thrice - hence passing the People's test. b) Modi has been thoroughly investigated by CBI, SIT, various Indians Courts including Supreme Court within and outside Gujarat. He is The Most Investigated politician in our country - and has everytime passed the Judicial test too.

To me the law of my Land allows a person to be considered innocent unless proven guilty. In Modi's case, he has actually been considered guilty inspite of being proven innocent by multiple Courts and Investigative agencies till now.

I believe in the judgement of the ordinary people of Gujarat and the Indian Judiciary more than a section of the activists. Till the time the people of Gujarat or the Judiciary prove Modi guilty he is innocent in my eyes.