Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oh Enalapril!

It all began with an Echocardiogram,
Until then I knew my heart like the back of my palm.
Back came a scary diagnosis,
‘Basal Inferior LV Akinesis’.

There were murmurs of a Myocardial Infarction,
Just when we were gaining transplant traction.
I met my cardiologist and my nephrologist,
Who both explained to me the report’s gist.

Thankfully, they said, there's this magic pill,
That goes by the name of Enalapril.
It is said to reverse the condition of my heart,
Of course I must also play my part.

Now I already have a low Blood pressure,
Which is worsened by this ACE inhibitor.
So I started off on 1.25 mg once a week,
Which you would agree is awfully meek.

Imagine, however, a daily dose!
And what that would do to my BP woes?
Some experts opine I need a Beta Blocker as well,
That would make my life surely and truly hell.

A transplant will have to wait,
Like I am not already late!
But for now I'm hoping the side effects of Enalapril,
Will not prevent me from flying at will!