Monday, June 5, 2017

Winds of change - 20

(This is the twentieth part of a short story which is entirely a work of fiction.)

Dr. Som was rushed to the CT scan room. They hurriedly shifted him to the platform and strapped him to begin the scan. The team was watching anxiously from the monitoring room. The radiologist started the process. One by one, he checked different areas of the body. At one point, he felt like he spotted something. He signalled to the other doctors to see. They quickly ruled that out. Where could the needle piece be? Finding it was the first step. If they found it in a difficult place, the next step would be much more difficult.

They saw images of the brain, the heart, the arms, legs, the stomach. Nothing at all. They repeated the whole procedure again. The entire team was intently watching the screen throwing out images one by one. Vasudha was pacing up and down the room. She could not make out the images. She stopped to look at them at times but it did not help at all. After a while she sat on a chair. When she heard  a murmur from the radiologist, she got up with a start and looked at the doctors for any hint of success.

During the second round of images, when they were seeing images of the heart, suddenly, the radiologist spotted the needle piece. It was unmistakable. He pointed to the screen. To everyone’s horror, they noticed that the piece had pierced one of the valves of the heart and blood was gushing out of the tear. They looked at each other and rushed into the room where Dr. Som was kept. Dr. Murthy shouted out, “Dr. Som! Dr. Som!”

Dr. Som did not move. “Quick, get the stretcher. To the ICU.”

Two boys brought the stretcher that was kept aside and placed it right next to the CT scan machine platform. They got hold of the bed sheet that Dr. Som lay on and carried it along with Dr. Som and placed it on the stretcher. They ran with the stretcher towards the elevator. The entire team ran behind them. They had to stop the blood somehow. All the time, the doctors tried waking Dr. Som up. He did not move one bit. They feared that the continuing blood leak was reducing his Blood Pressure. They had to get him to the ICU and push in enormous amounts of saline immediately to prevent the heart from failing.

They reached the ICU within minutes. One of the doctors had already called the ICU and informed them of the situation. The team there had the bed and the saline bottles and the infusion set ready. As soon as they reached, one nurse connected Dr. Som to a bottle of saline and began the infusion. Another nurse connected the vitals monitor. Dr. Murthy was shocked to see that the Blood Pressure of Dr. Som was a dangerously low 80/50. The heart rate was dropping as well.

The saline was not making too much of a difference. They then decided to give an injection of Adrenaline. The syringe was filled and a shot was given directly into the heart. There was no improvement in the Blood pressure and heart rate. The intensivist brought a defibrillator and took the two plates and thrust them on Dr. Som’s chest. Dr. Som’s upper body jumped up in the air and landed back on the bed with force. No improvement in the Blood Pressure and heart rate.

Blood pressure was now 50/30. Heart rate was around 45. One more try with the defibrillator. The body went up in the air and back on the bed.

The line on the monitor was now straight. They tried the defibrillator one more time. The body went up in the air and back on the bed. The line on the monitor remained straight.

It was all over.

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