My story

The dawn that wasn't

The beginnings of kidney disease - from my diagnosis right up to my transplant

The charmed glass of water

My journey to Mumbai in search of a miracle cure for my kidney disease

Six years of normalcy

My tryst with Peritoneal Dialysis. From the story: "But if you asked me what I would have preferred, I would say PD."

To hell and back - The 2004 Tsunami

The horrifying time I had caught in the Tsunami that struck India in December 2004

My home hemo journey

My magical journey to Daily Nocturnal Home Hemodialysis


Anonymous said...

Hi Kamal, im your regular reader. you may be remembering me.I m Dr Babu ganesh from chennai on hospital hemodialysis for the past one year.I want to start home hemodialysis.Please help me buying and installing one dialysis machine in my place.My email is

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Anonymous said...

Hi, kamalji,

I m a dialysis patient and impressed with the set up of nephroplus...i m staying in a state which is so called development model for some politicians but... there is no single dialysis centre offering good quality dialysis after taking huge charges.. being a patient I understand the pain and difficulties of dialysis patients... no govt. help huge expenses and due to unhygienic conditions... infection is a gift ...frequently failing fistulas ....due to undisciplined technicians...

I would like to set up a charitable dialysis centre... where the services and facilities with proper hygienic conditions to be offered with reasonable cost...

unfortunately, in our country , there are no. of ashrams and temples but no KIDNEY PATIENTS' HOME just like OLD AGE HOMES, where the kidney patients who do not have any family support can stay.. work and undergo dialysis also... while working they will earn for themselves as dialysis expenses to meet... can you help me to set up such a KIDNEY PATIENTS' home ...or dialysis yes,please revert with your cell no. on my mail id .....

Piyush Bhatia said...

it sometimes happens ,everything wrong comes in sequence. Until every nut and bolt is fixed the machine doesn't work

Anonymous said...


My mother recently started dialysis and has not been taking it well. She is also diabetic. She has been having cramps and is very depressed. I was looking for information on how to alleviate her pain when I came across your blog.
I must thank you for the in detail explanation provided. I have found answers for all my queries.
I have also asked my father to contact Nephroplus Bangalore.

Durga Prasad said...

hi Kamal,

do you still under dialysis.

Kamal Shah said...

Yes, I am still on dialysis.