Ten years with kidney disease

On July 14th this year, I completed 10 years with kidney disease.

What a journey it has been! The vaccines I took on that day changed my life in a way I could never ever have imagined.

What would life have been like if renal failure had not happened?

Probably would have flown to the US with my Akron I20, probably would have switched to MS (CS) to another university, would have completed it and then hunted for a job.

Would have worked for a few years and then got into a Business School and also completed my MBA and would have been working at another job. And yes, would have probably even got married somewhere in between!

A normal life... like many others'.

How different my life is now.

What were the major events that shaped up these last 10 years instead?

The time when steroids almost brought back my kidneys to life but lost them again to save my lungs which caught a bad infection.

The failed transplant.

The switch to CAPD.

The infections post tsunami.

The switch to daily home hemo.

My encounter with the dragon.

My Left Ventricular dysfunction.

Giving up on the dragon... for a while at least.


Pavan Guduru said…
really appreciate your courage