Customer Service

Akbar writes in Tata Indicomm’s Customer Care Sucks:

"So, finally the local technician came yesterday and he says that it was the communication gap between the customer service and him that took him so many days to come!!! Fucking kidding me? Communication my ass gap?"

All I can say is Welcome to India!

Customer Service is something which we just don't get here. I have experienced first hand terrible customer service from many of the major brands in India - from Wipro to LG to Whirlpool to ICICI Bank.

And there's no option like switching brands because its the same everywhere.

Companies have scant regard for customer satisfaction. Something does not work as advertised, you call customer care. First of all they speak to you as if they're doing you a favour. Then you have to work according to their timings. They don't care if you're working. They don't care if you have other commitments. You have to leave your work and stay at home at the date and time they've given you (if at all, otherwise its simply a Monday morning or a Wednesday afternoon unless its a in-the-next-two-three-days).

And then they don't come at the appointed time. You've somehow managed to reschedule things at office so that you can be there when the guy comes. But he doesn't show up. Then you call Customer Care again. And ask. Pray, why didn't the technician come. You get a 'held-up-in-another-call' kind of crappy answer. Never mind if you missed office for this.

Finally, when the guy does turn up, you usually do get the work done. But, you feel so frustrated at the effort that went into this that you feel like shit.

I suggested to Akbar to switch to BSNL for his internet connection. But I must really add the disclaimer that I'm not responsible for any problems he might have with them!