Inti pairs

Inti Pairs or family names are really interesting. Most Telugu people will have an inti pair.

For example, K Venkateshwar is actually Kunta Venkateshwar and Kunta is the inti pair. I love remembering everyone's inti pair.

For example, Lugalupu Nagasrinivas, Adusumalli Srinivas and Shyamala Kalvakolanu. Some people, put the inti pair at the beginning while some put it in the end.

People spell their inti pairs in a variety of ways. For example Pushkar vacillates between Angeena and Angina - oblivious of the fact that the latter actually means a condition marked by severe pain!

Some people also have a surname along with the inti pair, for example, the Reddy Thums - Kartik and Jayadeep. Here Thum is the inti pair.

Some other inti pairs I like - Dindukurthi (Sravan), Dantuluri (Sudheer), Akula (Seshadri Charan), Bawoor (Lagumanna), Palepu (Srinivas / Janakiram), Vadaga (Prashant Naidu), Mahankali (Shravan Kumar), Sandadi (Kalyan), Gunnala (Sirisha), Guduru (Pavan).

Let me know if you come across some interesting and nice sounding inti pairs!


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interesting topic kamal inti shah
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