My dream home

For the last few months I've been dreaming of having a home.

A home that is in a place that is very quiet, in a place where there is hardly any traffic and the air is clean and cool.

It is not very big. It has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a drawing room and an entertainment room which has a home theatre system. The bigger bedroom opens out into a lawn where there is green grass, in the middle of which is a swimming pool. The pool is shaped like an amoeba and has some rocks at one point through which there is a small waterfall that falls into the pool.

At one end of the lawn is a small temple.

I would really love to settle down in a house like this. A house that is a place where you really look forward to return after a tiring day of work. A place where you can wake in the morning to a cool breeze, sit by the lawn and have a cup of tea. Where every need of yours is taken care of.

In life these days, not only the body but the soul also tires and the house has to be a place where both body and soul can relax.

I really hope that some day I can realize this dream!