Swimming can really relax me.

That's one thing that I reeeeeeeeally love.

That is why, even in this weather, I go to the club pool every Sunday morning for a swim. I'm going to try and go on Saturdays too.

There's something about water that I love. Its so refreshing, so invigorating that I can spend hours in the pool doing nothing specific.

Of course, I do swim to get some flab off but I also do a lot of relaxing things like just float aimlessly in the water, just leave my body loose in the water and go underwater just to get my head entirely submerged for a while.

The feeling is heavenly.

Does this have something to do with the fact that I'm on a restricted water diet?

I don't think so. Because I loved the water even before my kidney problem. In fact, just the day before I took my vaccines, I swam a kilometer in the club pool!

But definitely, there's something about water that attracts me. My current obsession is with standing under a waterfall! I badly want to go to a place where there is a waterfall where I can get completely wet. And I'm talking about one which falls with a lot of pressure.

My ideal holiday would be to go to a river, a beach, a waterfall - basically any place where the primary focus is water!