Wasted Weekends

Another long weekend passes by without much ado!

I always look forward to a long weekend. Time to relax and enjoy! But when the weekend actually comes and I do not have anything much to do, I feel terrible. On the morning of the first day, I desperately try to plan something to do for the weekend but rarely does anything materialize.

Some friends are not available. Some are not as adventurous. Sometimes, tickets and hotel bookings are not available.

In the end, it all ends up in a few afternoons of sleep, television (yawn!) and things extremely mundane.

How can I change this?

Of course! "Please plan!" Pearls of wisdom from the wise man! Two words from Dinesh that can inspire generations to come! (I knew I was good at hyperbole!)

Seriously, planning is the key. Look out for that long weekend (or even a regular weekend, for that matter) and plan. You can get travel tickets easier and cheaper. Room bookings are easy. Friends will be willing given enough notice.

I've decided that I'm going to plan a 'weekend getaway' every month. And I'm going to plan in advance.

Let's see how it goes.


Akbar Pasha said…
Oh no. I think no amount of planning will help if you don't get inspired to do something like that from with in. I was in a similar boat too. I sat/reclined on a 'gaddi' all Saturday. I mean literally ALL Saturday. We could have hooked up and went out somewhere. I could have used some fresh air! I think next time you plan, you should also ping people around to see what they are up to.(Hint: We need a ROR based site to let your friends know about your weekend plan - so that we all can plan effectively. Twitter is too hyper and too noisy for that) May be I needed a buddy to hangout with me on my 'gaddi'. Hehe.