Baba Ramdev and legions of his fans

A silent revolution is sweeping the country these days. Scores of people in city after city are rising at 5 a.m. to attend the 'Yog shivirs' of Baba Ramdev.

What exactly is different about this swami? Why is he so popular?

People swear by his pranayams, other yogasanas and his herbal and ayurvedic medicines.

A lot of people have apparently benefited from his remedies. And he mostly recommends only pranayama - a simple, effective and free therapy that promises to cure problems from cough and hair fall to cancer and hepatitis.

How genuine are these claims?

In his daily television program on Astha, we see a large number of people testifying that they've been cured of a variety of illnesses only by Pranayama.

Swami Ramdev himself claims that lakhs of people have been cured and there is a book that has chronicled many of these instances with laboratory reports before and after practicing pranayama.

The swami is strongly opposed to multinationals entering the country and is dead against junk food ('burger yaani barbaadi ka ghar') and sodas ('thanda matlab toilet cleaner').

My grandmother is a huge fan of the baba. She does not miss watching the program every single day. She participates in any discussion on the baba and vehemently supports him. She gushes with appreciation for his oratory and simplicity. Being a chronic diabetic however, I often wonder why she does not try the baba's solutions for diabetes!


I'm pre diabetic n would like to purchase gooseberry n gourd juice. I hear it's a cure. Please tell me where I can buy it. Thank u.