The Medical Profession

The Medical Profession is different.

You can afford to cheat, lie, be unscrupulous, care a fuck in every other profession but not in the medical profession. Yet, ever so often I come across people in this profession who do just that.

You might argue that for the individual, its like his profession and he (to use a random gender) does not see it as being 'different'. He is in it to earn his living. Why should he see it as any different?

The point is, what is at stake here? The health of people, for God's sake! The lives of people.

Inspite of knowing this, people do things which are downright unacceptable. Things which smack of cruelty and show their utter disregard for the patient's well being.

Another problem I have is with their egos. This will prevent them from listening to sense. The very fact that this has come from another source (another doctor, the internet, your own common sense) will make them believe that it is crap.

I'm not saying that everyone in the profession is like this. But many are.

They will do anything for their financial benefit. They might take a cut from the medical companies for things they prescribe or even recommend an inferior drug/equipment because they get a better commission.

And they will do all this without a tinge of guilt.

Do these people even realize what patients go through?

Stick two thick needles in your fucking arms every night and lie there with pain every now and then. Wake early morning waiting for dialysis to complete. Go through the rest of the day groggy because you haven't had a good night's sleep. All this to be able to eat and drink what you want.

I'm just referring to my dialysis regimen. But I'm sure others with kidney disease have similar problems and so do others with other chronic problems.

It really makes my blood boil the way some of these people in this profession treat patients. They don't understand what they are going through. And they are in the best position to understand them. If anything they should be more caring and understanding than the rest of the population.

I know of people who get angry, are condescending and downright mean towards some patients. They really never realize what patients go through.

That is why I'm trying to get as much control over my dialysis as possible. I want to be as less dependent on these bastards as I can.

I've already started cannulating on my own. Hope to take on more soon.


Rajat said…
Hi Karan...agree with you. Medicine in India has become ugly most of the time. I worked in India for 2 yrs and have seen it myself.

Are you the Kamal shah from HPS Begumpet batch of 1993?

Kamal D Shah said…
Hi Rajat ... yes this is the same guy. Send me you email address. What are you up to these days?

And why did you address me as Karan?