Religious fundamentalism

I don't have anything much to add to this topic after all the discussions, opinions and debates we have heard in different media. But I read something interesting this morning in the newspaper.

Sania Mirza, the tennis player has come under fire from the Muslim religious heads because she entered a mosque in jeans and a T shirt. They compared her to Taslima Nasreen and said that their likes are doing these kinds of things intentionally to insult Islam. This is preposterous.

I don't want to argue on whether that was wrong or right but let's assume what she did was wrong. Do you really think she would do it to insult Islam? Why on earth would she do that?

And even more preposterous is this: A Hindu organization from some other state (I forget which) has come out in defense of Sania! What has this incident got to do with the Hindu organisation?

We have fundamentalists in all religions. People who just want to give a religious hue to everything. Without thinking. Without realizing what the consequences may be. What are they trying to achieve?


Nisha said…
Iam wondering why no comments on this post..Indian public....particularly...some men feelif u even is wrong!!!????