Sultan Sherbet at Sahib Sindh Sultan

Sahib Sindh Sultan is a restaurant belonging to the BJN group at City Center on Banjara Hills Road No. 1.

I went there a few days back. Getting a reservation is really difficult unless you go at an odd time. I went there with my brother on a Sunday at 12:15 in the afternoon.

The food is really great but what took the cake was the Sultan Sherbet.

It is a drink made of saffron and sandlewood with a hint of lime. Never before have I had a drink with these flavors. I am generally a mocktail guy and love trying out drinks with different ingredients. But I've really never had anything like this.

The drink is really refreshing. Each sip leaves you energized. The taste is so purifying that you feel an aura of spiritualism enveloping your senses.

Try it. You will love it.


Anonymous said…
try IndiJoes @citycenter mall. Esp their buffet.