The caste system of looks

I had blogged some time back about how important looking good was. My belief in this has been reaffirmed by some events in the past few days.

I have seen a very good example of how people who look good are privileged in this world and people with average or below average looks face a kind of discrimination that no one talks about but many people practice.

Falling in love, for example, is something only for people who look good. When ugly people fall in love, it becomes a joke. Especially if the love is unrequited.

When people fall in love, they do silly things. We've all seen that. People in love do not think of the consequences. They just do things on impulse. They do things which often irritate or enrage the object of their attraction. Unwittingly, of course. They do not realize that this could be counter productive.

But they do this despite the outcome. Because of some unexplained obsession for the person.

And if, god forbid, the person in love is not good looking, the world turns against him/her. For good looking people, others are very willing to help in their romantic endeavors. No such luck for ugly people.

Coming to the events which prompted me to write this, it would really have been interesting to see the reactions of everyone including the 'loved' if the 'lover' had been good looking.


Anonymous said…
Well.. to talk of when both of em are good looking.
After the good looking part n mutual attraction, comes the courting, n after which both the couple realise that the relationship cannot go any further coz the family wont agree..... several reasons for the relationship not to work.
At the end the relationship breaks on a sorry note.

IF, the relationship hadnt developed on looks alone, there would be problems at the start, but with perseverence they wont last.Here the relationship lasts even if one of em luks like an Ogre a la Beauty and the Beast. :)
Hope thats clear!!!
Looks matter only upto a point.... Actually they dont matter after a while.