Making a living out of your passion

Dennis much I envy him!

Dennis Powell taught me music at school. Music classes were always fun. The songs got bigger with each class! Mr. Powell would play deftly on the Electric Organ and would teach us songs which we would sing after him. Waltzing Matilda, The bear went over the mountain, Country Roads and so many more...

Mr. Powell belongs to the famous Powell Brothers music group of Hyderabad. Music runs in their blood. And he is so passionate about music. One of his daughters is named Melody!

I envy him because he is able to make a living out of his passion. He taught music for years and now also plays an Electric Piano at the Taj Krishna every evening. You can see him enjoying his profession to the hilt. Which is not what I can say about me and many others.

For me, my profession is one thing and my passion quite another.

Imagine being able to sustain myself by what I enjoy doing. Utopia!