Kidney Talk

Recently, I came across this online talk show called Kidney Talk. It is a radio kind of show where two people with kidney disease, Lori Hartwell and Stephen Furst discuss a wide range of topics related to kidney disease with a new guest in every episode.

They have podcasts for each episode. I downloaded most of the episodes and synced up with my iPhone and I now have most of them on my iPhone. I listen to these episodes from time to time - many times during the half an hour or so that I need to wait in the morning for my treatment to finish.

Many of the episodes are amazing.

The best part for me is to listen to people who have gone through or are going through exactly the same emotions as I am. Yesterday I heard one with a lady from Armenia, now in the US. She talked about fluid restrictions and nurses telling her to control fluid intake. It was almost as she was speaking my mind. The part where she said she went to drink water knowing fully well that she wasn't thirsty made an inexplicable emotion run through me. This was so true in my case as well.

Its really great that so many online resources are now available for dialyzors. To listen to people in similar situations as me is so comforting. Its reassuring to know I am not alone. And that I do not have to feel guilty for this way of thinking.