The lovely Philodanda

When I set up my garden a couple of years back, the botanist at the nursery where I picked all my stuff from had suggested the Philodanda. The piece he gave me was quite small but the leaves were a bright green and very attractive.

I had put the plant among the other plants and watched it grow slowly into a lovely 5 foot something with big bright green leaves. And then I made a mistake.

I took it to my office and put it in my room in front of two Arecka palms. The corner looked beautiful.

The problem was there was no sunlight that entered that part of the room and in a matter of few days, the leaves drooped and turned brown. Soon, most of the leaves died.

I had to bring it back home.

Then, I took special care and made sure that the plant got enough sunlight and water. I also bought another one.

Now, I am happy to say that the Philodanda is in 'full bloom' and occupies a place of pride in my garden.