Treading cautiously

I've been in serious love once before and it had disastrous consequences.

I knew things would not work out. But you don't realize these things, do you? I went ahead, got mired in it, deeper and deeper with each passing day.

In the end, when things blew up in my face, it was really difficult to handle. I could really have done without another problem. But, as I said before, you don't realize these things.

Now, I suspect I'm going down that route once again. I need to avoid this at all costs. I know that in my situation, this is not a luxury I can afford.

Fortunately, I am conscious about this, this time round. I know what's happening. I need to take steps to not let it happen.


Anonymous said…
Congrats!!! No Loss, No Rewards.
SCDAFF said…
Hhhmmm, we ppl think that we shudn't get in to those things but ultimately we can't stop/restrict ourselves from loving someone whom we admire, someone who has all hte qualities we are looking for, someone who is very sweet n caring towards us. The only way i can think of is staying away from those ppl, if u really don't want to get in to those things, if u continue talking to her moving close to her then definelty u wont be able to restrict ur self getting in to position where u heart might broke in to pieces once again, or else accept the facts and get ready to face wat ever comes ur wy in life, if u can do that then u can pretty much be happy with her, try to take care of her, spend as much as time u can with her n be happy, but all the time u shud keep one thing in mind n that is that even tomorrow if u dont get her u shud not feel bad n continue the life as if nothing happenend, try to search for happiness in something else.

I know that talking all these much simpler than implementing but then t some point of time we have to accept these things n keep ourselves going.

Anonymous said…
Well you know your situation but I hope when you wrote "I know that in my situation, this is not a luxury I can afford" you did not just mean dialysis. I always say you shouldn't make decisions for other people. Be yourself and let others decide for themselves.

Is following your heart a luxury? Or is withdrawing from a relationship a luxury?
Kartik said…
I guess I agree with Bill! :)!
Aditya Jandial said…
Well, As Steven Tyler Often says - "Falling in Love is Hard on the Knees". So use adequate protection (snigger, snigger) and you should be fine.