Watermelons are king!

For the longest time, mangoes were my favorite fruit (as were, I'm sure for many others). But ever since I was diagnosed with kidney disease, watermelons have become my favorite!

Does it have anything to do with the fact that I'm on a fluid restricted diet and watermelons have water in their name and are mostly water? I'm not sure. By that logic, I should have loved mangoes too because I'm on a potassium restricted diet and mangoes are high potassium.

The best memory I have of watermelons are from a place called Kalambole on the outskirts of Mumbai. It was a hot Mumbai summer afternoon. About 20 cousins from Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad had gathered at my aunt's house in Mumbai for a week-long 'Summer Camp'.

Among other fun things we did, we drove to this place called Kalambole where there were about 50 roadside vendors selling watermelons, each of whom had a stock of about 1000 watermelons.

The setting was ideal. The sun was scorching. We picked a vendor. All 20 of us got out of the cars. And the vendor started cutting one watermelon after another. All of us started gorging on one slice after another.
We probably never had so much watermelon in our lives before! And we had never had such a good time before too!


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