Some people are really curious about everything.

Recently, I went for a hair cut to a salon. Now this place is close to my house and we've been frequenting it from years - in fact the owner knows my whole family.

So, I go there and get my hair cut, oil massage and shampoo done with (the whole thing is really relaxing) and I go over to the cash counter to pay. The owner is at the counter and he starts off: "Babu, kaise ho?" (How are you?). I say I'm fine, thanks. It does not end there.

"So, how is your health?"


"You still have to do dialysis?"


"How many times a week do you do it?"

"I do it every night."

(shock and horror on face)"Every night! You need to do it every night?"

Now this is such a problem. How do I explain to him that I don't need to do it every night but I do it because outcomes are better, quality of life is better and I don't need to restrict my diet and fluid intake. All this would have been too much for the poor guy to understand. So, I mutter a quick response.

"I don't need to. I just like to do it every night. How much do I need to pay?"

I settle the bill. Before I can leave, he shoots, "How much does it cost you?"

Now, that's taking it too far. How does it fucking bother you?

But I'm too 'proper' to scold him. I say something like 1000 bucks a night and leave before he gets into the details of how I fund my treatment, my salary and my tax liability.

Now, I know the guy meant no harm. He knows my dad and of my kidney disease probably through him. But, it is really irritating to be asked these kind of questions.