Jab we met

A couple of days back, while switching channels on TV, I realized that the film 'Jab we met' was going to start in 5 minutes.

I had already seen the film a couple of months back but I decided to watch it again because I had really liked it.

The film is really simple and not one of those 'masterpieces' that people will write too much about. A simple story with simple characters.

Kareena Kapoor has acted really well as a fun loving 'sikhni' from Bhatinda. Her motto in life is to do whatever you want to do without listening to too many people because later in life you should not regret that you did not do this or that. She is so right! The scene where she convinces Shahid to burn his ex-girlfriend's picture is too good.

Shahid Kapoor is so good in the role of a depressed millionaire. His transition to a happy go lucky guy after the few weeks he spends with Kareena is so endearing. His best scene was the one where he meets Kareena after 9 months at the hostel she's staying in. With moist eyes he says, "Tumne mujhe hurt kiya Geet."

The songs in the movie are also so good. The bhangra number "Nagada", the last song in the film, "Mauja hi Mauja", Kareena's "Ye ishq hai" and Shahid's "Tumse hi" stay with you for long.

All in all, a very beautiful movie that warms your heart.