A perfect Sunday morning

In Hyderabad, we've been seeing some unusually heavy rain for the last few days.

This Sunday too, I woke up and it was raining heavily. I was in two minds on whether to go to Poorna Tiffins for my weekly rendezvous or not. The roads would be water clogged and I was worried that my car might get stuck in the low lying area that this place was situated in.

But undaunted, I got into my car and ventured out. It was raining heavily.

As most of Hyderabad was snugly ensconced under their rugs enjoying the bliss of a rainy Sunday morning, I made my way to this place. There was a lot of water everywhere.

The lane in which Poorna Tiffins is was almost like a river with ankle deep water. I carefully took my car in and parked at a spot and went inside.

The next 20 minutes were like nirvana.

The heavy rain outside, the steaming hot idlis and the spicy chutney! Idlis were never this good.

I'm so glad I did not miss this.

There are times in life when everything converges to give you some moments you will always cherish. This was one of them.