Bottle gourd juice and other stories

Ever since Baba Ramdev popularized drinking a glass of bottle gourd juice every morning (after a dose of 4 tablespoons of Gooseberry (amla) juice and 4 table spoons of Aloe Vera juice), every morning, in our house you can hear the noise of the centrifuge churning out glass after glass of bottle gourd juice.

There are rumors that say that the price of bottle gourds has risen dramatically ever since the Baba started advocating it.

Now, my mother used to make my juice every morning. But you know how I like to do my things myself. So, I started making my own juice a few months back. I, of course, make myself only a cup of juice because of my fluid restriction.

Recently, however, my mother wondered aloud if I could make my grand mother's juice too. Excuse me, I said, I'm the one on dialysis here! Making my juice is one thing. But asking me to make juice for others is quite another!

But seriously, when you start doing things for yourself instead of depending on others just because you have some medical condition, others and indeed yourself too, forget that there is anything wrong with you. This plays a big role in overall well being.

When someone looks at me, I would rather he/she associate me with my work, my responsibilities and my sex appeal (ok, ok the last one was taking things too far) rather than my medical condition.

I would like dialysis to not be the most important thing in my life.

Ok, that was the bottle gourd story. What about the 'other stories'? Well, there are no other stories. The title of this post just looked nice with 'other stories'!


Nirdesh said…
Well there may be other stories....may be not your's somebody elsemay have