Citibank IPIN generation - such a pain

In my credit card statement this month, there was a blurb that said I could pay my bill online by directly transferring money from my bank account. Great idea!

It would save me the hassle of writing out a check and then having someone put the check into a drop box. The blurb on the pdf statement had a link. But I could not click on it. So, I went to the Citibank India website and looked and looked. I could not find the link that would allow me to do this.

I tried 'Bill Pay' but that was only for utility bills. I thought maybe I need to generate an IPIN (some kind of password) to be able to access my account. I clicked on the link to do this and went through the motions. Finally I was brought to a screen where I had to choose an IPIN using a 'Virtual Keyboard'.

I typed an IPIN I chose twice (following all the rules specified - including one that said, "No two consecutive letters should be similar! Now what the heck are similar letters? Are i and l similar? Letters are either same or different. Never similar or dissimilar! It was clear to me by now that the site was designed by an imbecile). I clicked on Submit.

I was shown a page that gave an error. Now it just said there was an error and listed 7 possible causes of the error, none of which applied to me (most of them were about changing a HPIN rather than what I was trying to do which was creating a new IPIN!

I tried the same thing about a gazillion times before calling Customer Care who made me do it another gazillion times before concluding that there could be a 'System Error'. Now, he suggested that I make a request to have the IPN sent by snail mail. I agreed haplessly. Never mind if I lost the 100 points that would have been added to my account had I been able to register for this online. Never mind that the time spent for the 2 into gazillion times I tried to do it manually. Get the deed done, I thought.

In passing I mentioned that the reason I was trying to get the IPIN was that I wanted to pay my credit card bill online.

"You don't need an IPIN for that, sir"

"Then how do I do it"

He then talked me through finding the link to do this and that did not need an IPIN.

Talk about usability! They should have given the development of their website to Effigent and we would have done a much better job!


Vyazz said…
I totally agree!
I went through the same hassle to generate an ipin, and guess what???....after goin through all the trouble, I have forgotten it and citibank has no means or ways on advising how to create a new one.
This os preposterous.
ps: If you know how to retrieve a forgotten ipin, do let me know.
upsydaisies said…
It sucks man.. I am still struggling to generate one. Would changing bank account help?
upsydaisies said…
And after scores of effort, i did it. no two consecutive letters of your password should be same- WTF!
now, for security purpose, the session is logged off again and again. It surely needs a lot of brainless buggers to design the website. i restarted my lappy to get going. Now, the server is unable to process the request.
If only, i could get hold of the ultimate brains behind this, i would not mind spending my entire life behind bars..
Anonymous said…
this is July 2010 and their processes have not improved to bit for the customer.
Are they like this in US also
Anonymous said…
will ne one tell me the meaning of "no two consecutive letters of your password should be same"- WTF!
Benjy said…

I am on the same boat. Tried creating IPIN and user ID but the page said there was some error with the information i entered. Turns out the debit card you get in the starters kit(temporary one) has a different CVV number than the one that has your name inscribed (permanent card). So if you wish to avail online banking facilites within a month then you have to use CVV of temporary card while entering details. Phew! Thankfully the customer care girl was nice
Anonymous said…
Citibank internet banking recommends changing password/ ipin regularly. But the process is a pain in the neck.

after struggling for two hours and reading all FAQs on their website, no option of changing ipin other than resetting it through "forgot password" mode.

citi (N)EVER sleeps! lol
Anonymous said…
totally agree, citibank has the worst portal
Anonymous said…
totally agreed, citibank has the worst portal - Raviraj
joshi said…
im also facing d problem.
I have forgotten my IPIN and discontinued my mobile no with the bank, now they don't have the procedure to send it on e-mail. cant login so cant update new mobile no