Sony versus Moser Baer

I love to listen to music while driving.

Earlier I used to be hooked to Radio City. They had a very good mix of Hindi, English and Telugu programs. But recently they've switched to an almost entirely Telugu format.

So, I thought I should burn some of my favorite numbers on a CD so that I could listen to them while driving. So I bought a few blank CDs (Moser Baer, they happened to be; not that I specifically asked for this). And then burnt the current set of songs I like and tried playing it on the car CD player. The CD would not play. The player simply said "Error".

I was wondering what could be wrong. Was the player spoilt? I tried the CD on my brother Prasan's player too. Same problem.

I noticed that my other brother Karan had burnt some CDs and they were playing well.

There were only 3 things that were different - he used Sony CDs, a Windows PC for burning and of course, the songs!

I figured that the songs couldn't be the reason. So, it was either the computer that was used or the CD brand.

I somehow cannot believe that the PC can do something a Mac can't. So, I decided to try Sony CDs.

So, I bought a Sony blank.

Burnt the songs.

Inserted it in the player.


"Yeh ishq hai" from Jab we met started playing.

Now, I can't say for sure that the Moser Baer CDs were the problem. Maybe I should try out a couple more and then reach a decision to only use Sony blanks for burning songs to play in my car.


Anonymous said…
It shouldn't have been a problem, because Sony itself does not have its own factory in India, they outsource the production to Moser Baer labs :)
Anonymous said…
I also faced a similar problem.. I did burn the songs on 4 cds of moser bear and it didn't work. Atlast it worked on sony .