Why there is no God

Let me explain:

Our definition of God can be summarized by the following:

- Someone who is just
- Someone who is really kind
- Someone who is all-powerful (can cause anything to happen)

Now, if such a God was there, why would there be suffering in this world? Why would people be born poor?

Why would disease exist?

Some argue that God punishes man for doing wrong. Then why are some babies born with serious health problems? They have not yet got a chance to do wrong. Things done in the previous birth? God is all powerful. He could have prevented anything wrong being done.

Why should God prevent someone from doing wrong? Because he is kind. If he can, he should not allow anything wrong from happening, mindful of the fact that if the individual does something wrong, he will have to face problems in the future.

Some people have said things like he does these things to increase his glory. That sounds very un-Godlike. He lets people suffer to increase his own glory? I don't think that's a convincing explanation.

That's why I am convinced that there cannot be a God that matches the conventional definition.


Anonymous said…
Agreed. My take its all based on the Thought process. You think positive you see positive. So too with negative. All actions are a result our thoughts. No more no less.. period.
Akbar Pasha said…
Well, you have taken a stand and basically found all the points against it. You collected some attributes of the so called "God" and then challenged them by finding attributes against those. This could lead to fallacious argument.

But I wouldn't argue or agree or disagree with you. Before we even start to talk or discuss about this topic we need to be on equal footing. So, I have 2 recommendations for you. Checkout the following books:

1. Conversations with God - Book One
2. Think on these things - By J.Krishnamurthi

The first book will take a subtle and love filled way of showing the God to you (believe me he/she doesn't have a form like we are trained to be from our childhood movies). This book will get close your heart once you are done.

The second book (or for that matter any book from JK) will actually throw you off your mind track. It will haunt you and will kill all the doubts. It will give you pain and pleasure. It will confuse you. It might make you weep. In the end it will definitely show you God. It will forever live inside you as a beautiful experience.

Then once you go through these processes - I think I want to see another blog post from you and then we can have a chat (by then I might be in India) Btw, Hi Kamal. How are you? :-)
Obul said…
Hi Kamal,

I asked Pallavi my younger daughter, if there is God and here answer is.

No there is no God, but there is a dragon :-) .

Like presents a lot of challenges. Life is limited. Work on keeping your mind at peace. Keep the dragons out of your head.

Love and Regards,

Srinivas Palepu said…
If man can make just one simplest atom from absolutely nothing, not to talk of the variety and complexity of atoms all around us, I think we can still consider the points made in the blog "Why there is no God". Else, I just consider that even the intelligence to write the blog (well written for sure) also came from that Powerful God. Ofcourse, everything comes from God. Bhagavad Gita 10.8 (http://vedabase.net/bg/10/8/en) says everything came from God - that includes even ignorance, etc etc. Another verse (10.38) says "Among all means of suppressing lawlessness I am punishment, and of those who seek victory I am morality. Of secret things I am silence, and of the wise I am the wisdom."

One can consider punishment as something cruel or just a part of the feedback mechanism to help one get in track.

If one can see one's life as beyond just the birth and death of one's current life, it makes lot of things very clear.

AGREE: there is No God.
agree: there will be millions who will disagree with you because they all have been brainwashed.
I used tio think India was mired in superstition and religion after coming to US I find manythings in India are more liberal and people wont bother you when you say you are an atheist but here "MY GOD;-) " it is unbelievable.
mukul said…
Agree: There is no god!! I have read quite a bit of Koran, Ramayana, Gita, Bible and most of the philosophers as well. They are great books and I love them but only for their wisdom and literature. I am a scientist and I am not arrogant and forever seeking knowledge and information and I am very spiritual. By the way both Jeddu and UG krishnamoorthy are miserable philosophers, a bunch of confused hogwash.
The religion ever since beginning in every culture has been held on ransom by individuals with Half baked interpretetion and vested interests that have killed the greatness of the religious books and men who wrote them . This is going on for centuries. I don't want to learn my religion and culture from some bunch of no good religious mafioso's. To put things in perspective " life is beautiful with all its pains and miseries and without God. Its important to do away with all godly excuses and be a good and real human being" that requires a lot of courage, character and passion.The tilak's and the topi's and the rehmo karams are the tools of cunning , controlling and selfish holier than thou individuals. These people have for ever made their business getting all kinds of allowances to the rich in return for money and power. That is the truth. One should be smart and wise enough to see through this facade and disguise. I also empathise with Dr. Ramamurthy, during my 10 years stay in the US I alway's felt living in a society which was too conservative and hung up on religion, although it is a great country in many other ways.I personally had no difficulty in surrendering my Green card saying goodbye to the US and be back home. Don't mean that others should follow me though.