Clot near arterial site

This time its my arterial site!

This Sunday, I had bad pain just next to my arterial cannulation site. Now I often have pain after my dialysis session for a little while. But that pain gradually disappears. But this Sunday's post dialysis pain was different.

It stayed on and stung like hell. It did not go till Monday evening too and I was really worried and was wondering how I would be able to cannulate there.

When the tech came, I told him about it. He felt the area with his finger and said it was a clot that had formed. Probably, after removing the needle on Sunday, the exit point had closed but there might have been a little bleeding inside which could have clotted. That is probably the reason for the pain.

It should reduce and go away completely in about 3-4 days.

There's never a dull moment in life with dialysis, I guess!


Anonymous said…
lol. trust kamal to see the positive side in anything and ething!!! said…
hmmm I don't understand what you experienced. Has it resolved?