Dr. Anuj Kapadiya

Today, I met Anuj Kapadiya, my classmate at school after 17 years.

Anuj left school after class 10 and I totally lost touch with him after that. Recently, there was an alumni meet at school which I could not attend because my cousin sister Nisha's wedding was on the same day. Ambuj (another friend from school but with whom I've been in touch with) met him there and told me that he had met Anuj who was now a cardiologist at Care Hospital!

I wrote about my chest discomfort here and had seen his name on the list of cardiologists in Care Hospital. I had tried calling him then but he was off for a few days because of a family wedding. I called him a couple of days after that and I finally met him today at Care Hospital.

His face is still the same from 17 years back but is much taller (obviously!). We caught up with what we've been doing. He completed his MBBS, MD, DM and DNB and topped the state in his DM! He had obviously worked very hard and had quite a tough schedule in the hospital too. But he said that he feels it is all worth it because it feels really nice.

I was really happy to meet him because its good to know that your classmate and friend so many years back was now in a profession where you could really do with some friends!

I discussed my medical history and the recent cardiac follow up I had and he said things look quite good and that the 2D Echo report was a 'normal' one.

I asked why I was getting short of breath then. He suggested that I get a Treadmill Test done and we could then decide.

Overall, it was a very good meeting.