Glug glug glug glug - look at him gulp!

Drinking water is very good for everyone not on dialysis. Many people take this quite seriously and drink a lot of water. I wish they did not do it in front of me.

When I see people gulping a whole lot of water, I look at them and envy them. The feeling of gulps of water going down your throat is undescribable.

There is this meeting we have every morning in office to plan the day. A guy called Kiran is a part of that meeting. He always brings in a bottle of water (about a liter) and keeps taking gulps from it. He finishes the bottle over the half an hour or so the meeting lasts.

I can hardly concentrate sometimes!


SCDAFF said…
Hhmmm, I can understand, U can't even ask him not to drink water when u r in meeting, one thing which u can do is sit in a direction where u can't see him and sit bit far so that u can't hear the sound which irritates u