NxStage, when will you bring the System One to India?

In a comment to a post on Bill Peckham's travel, Srinivas, a friend wrote that I should get a portable dialysis machine so that we could go for long trips.

Srinivas and I are both consumed by wanderlust and trips in the past have been restricted in duration because of my having to return home for dialysis within a day. Many places we would like to go to do not have dialysis centers and this sort of restricts things a lot.

In these circumstances, having a portable dialysis machine can be a boon. I have been following with great interest (and envy!) the accounts of Bill Peckham and others of traveling with the Nx Stage System One.

My research on the internet has revealed that the System One is a nifty little dialysis machine which many people use for short daily home hemo and an increasing number of people are now using for nocturnal home hemo.

This will be the ultimate for me. Imagine taking this baby and going off to kayak and go white water rafting at Anejhari or dash off to Darjeeling in the summer and sip tea right by a tea garden. And all this, without having to restrict fluid or worrying about feeling uncomfortable!

Unfortunately, NxStage, the company that makes these machines has not yet started selling these machines outside the US. So, even countries like Canada, UK and Australia do not have these machines. I guess it will be a while before they will come to India.

Till then, Srinivas, dear Srinivas, we'll have to do weekend trips. Thanks so much for your concern, by the way!


billpeckham.com said…
It will come, if not the NxStage something else, more options are coming. If it cost $1,500US/month would it be in a range that it would have a market in India?

I waited 16 years for transportability I don't think you'll have to wait that long.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kamal, Just read your story 'My home hemo journey', truly inspiring. My father is also on Hemodialysis, thrice a week since more than a year now. I was checking of for some home hemo methods/machines for him and found your blog. Good to know you have finally found a solution at home itself..GOOD LUCK.